Sunday, January 1, 2017


I have arrived!!! Who knew it could get this good!

I am in Santa Barbara with my dear friend Anna Banana. I knew I would visit her… she was definitely at the top of the list of people to see. … I didn’t know when I would pop in or how I would arrive.

Well, let me tell you folks… I arrived in such a beautiful magical way… I seriously feel like I was Harry Potter traveling by train to get to my school of wizardry.

Let us start where I left off … I had spent the Christmas holiday in Union Square San Francisco California, being escorted by a dear friend …

Day after Christmas we were to check out of our hotel… Plans were that (my son) Dallen and his girlfriend (Anu) were going to pick us up, take my friend to the bus stop and take me home with them to her grandparents’ house. (Originally the plans were that we would meet up and make our way to my other son, Kai’s house in San Jose and chill until Dallen and Anu flew to Maui New Year’s Eve… with them purchasing their tickets as such; flying out of San Jose)

We drop off my friend to the bus stop and I join Dallen, Anu and her mother to go get a bite to eat. After lunch I am informed that the grandparents are not feeling well and there is no room at the Inn.

You see, is what happened… as far as I know… Kai thought he would be back from his visit to Utah the day after Christmas and it was confirmed that we would go to his house… Sometime between us confirming with Kai; Dallen and Anu purchasing their tickets out of San Jose to Maui and Kai leaving on the road trip to Utah plans changed and Kai failed to tell us that he wasn’t going to be back until a week after the New Year…

Backup plan… stay at grandparents until I can get a train ticket to Santa Barbara which wasn’t until the next day; I just need one night.

Well after seriously just patiently waiting to see what is going to be orchestrated, because I have no idea which way or what, things finally did. … In my knowing I knew I was going to end up at Kai’s house, I just thought he would be there.

Dallen, admirably sticking by my side seeing that his mother was taken care of even if he had to purchase a hotel room for a night, decided we might as well go back to grandparents and get their things and figure it out from there as to where we were going and how were we going to get there.
When Dallen and I were given a moment to ourselves I shed a bit of a tear to Dallen admitting that this is getting a little challenging keeping faith and not taking this personally that the theme of the year is “no room at the Inn”… no one welcoming me… feeling the collective rejection energy from the past… having no family for the holidays … shedding that tear gracefully mind you. …

With such confidence and belief my son says with such humility, “Mom the world is your family”.
Such beautiful words that I obviously needed to get solid with in my programming to move forward because as soon as I accepted his words of wisdom, things started moving…

Dallen was able to get a hold of Kai getting permission to bring me with them to his house until they were to fly out instead of getting a hotel… Perfect!!!

After packing up at grandparents’ house, grandpa said he felt well enough to give us a ride to Kai’s house, so instead of having to bus/train (which was going to be pricey) we just paid gas money to grandpa. God bless grandpa.

We arrived at my son Kai’s house on the 26th of December… the very day I signed those adoption papers in 1986… 30 years ago… I’m sure there is some meaning/symbolism to that… 30th anniversary to the loss. … Symbol for the 30th anniversary is pearl… hmm… the gem… “a precious thing, the finest example of something”… “Pearls of wisdom”… we could really spend some time on this… but… some other time.

The magic is on …

Having Kai’s house all to ourselves was the best sense of belonging Dallen and I could have asked for… I haven’t had such a sense of belonging since 2011 when the life I knew had started to crumble.
Through Kai’s graciousness in offering his car for our use, I was able to spoil the household with food. I was ecstatic to be able to gift the household with my talent of being a homemaker. I bought cleaners and loved Kai’s home as my own. The three of us relished the quality time at his house.

Poor Dallen came down with what grandparents had. I was so thankful to have Anu nurturing and loving my son nursing him as well as I used to and more.

Interesting enough, the only availability the train had was on the 29th (my test day) departing San Jose at 10:00a.m. Arriving in Santa Barbara at 5:55... (Have I mentioned that I am a number 5 in the number world… 555 meaning you are going through a major life change)…

Sad that I will be leaving this party early, I wanted to stay an extra day with them but when it’s time to go… it’s time to go… got to go with the flow, Yo…

We arrived to the train station totally on time and checked my bags in and was informed by the ticket agent that the train was running an hour late so we could leave and go get breakfast and come back.
Sweet… refreshing how no security it is… so unlike the airport…

The three of us go to the nearest Whole Foods I check out with my randomly scooped up hot bar items and my total … $6.66.

Loving all the “synchronicities” I can’t help but to celebrate with the handsome teller about my magical test day… today being the day of my take off… my arrival at 555 … and now my purchase being 666 … He loved it saying I need to go play the slots I’m on a roll and will hit 777 for sure…

Well, enjoying Dallen by my side witnessing this craziness with him understanding and knowing how to read this awesome Universe, he points out that the store has been playing my 80’s music with the current song “Shout” by Tears for Fears playing at this awareness moment of this magical ride and making sure I pay note of this added information… (Boy does this kid get it and is connected… This song for me always symbolizes independence).

The train finally gets in. I had said my goodbyes to Dallen and Anu and was being herded in line with the others for boarding. The lady behind me was carrying on that this has been the strangest experience she has had riding the train. With this being my first rodeo, I wouldn’t have recognized strange but started to pay attention with her cue.

Right then, a fellow passenger walks by shouting “The Polar Express has arrived, all aboard”…

The lady boarding everyone announces “Folks for this boarding we are not going to be checking tickets, we normally check everyone but on this one occasion we are just going to get boarded in a quick orderly fashion”…

Recognizing the magical orchestration of so many strange things happening, I pay attention … the chick in front of me got distracted with something that had her fall behind the line making my position for boarding up one. … I guess they overbooked the train by 35% and were putting the overflow of people in the observation cart. Me being the one to fill the last seat in the coach sitting.

As soon as I get settled in my seat the gentlemen that I sat next to opens up, saying hello, introducing himself acknowledging the magic he himself is recognizing of having me be the one chosen to sit by him… After all, he looked like good old St Nick with his gray beard and red sweatshirt …

We had a lovely visit acknowledging all the magic of Universe flow. Welcoming a like mind that speaks my language; a professional, masters of all in the healing and arts genre… including past life regression and hypnotherapy… I couldn’t have asked for a better conversation for this time in my life.

After politely declining the offer to go home with this man who was just smitten with me not wanting this rendezvous to end… I ask what his name was… Joseph… “Of course it is”… yes I said out loud and with that we hug and I cheerfully sang out in front of all in our box cart “A Hui Ho … ‘Until we meet again”… He loved it.

… Folks, did I mention that Joseph’s next passion to pursue was to make a movie… this guy has the financial freedom to pursue his passions embracing life… “A Hui Ho” indeed… I happened to give him my card with the link to my book when he insisted on giving me his card.

Well after Joseph got off in his neck of the woods of Monterrey… there was an announcement of another delay in take off because there has been a thief apprehended and we are waiting for authorities to pick up the train robber… Wow this train ride has been something else!!!

Finally after what seemed like close to an hour we were on our way once again… and what to see??? Rolling hills of beautiful green that are not the norm but because of the freak weather at this time, it looked like we were in Ireland… and what do we pass on the left after the vineyards???  The men’s prison that is some historical spot… Love it!!! I can’t help but feel like this Nomad trip is so made specifically for me. How symbolic everything has been … Loud check points that are applauding me on my way, if you will.

Finally arriving in Santa Barbara three hours later than scheduled, I was greeted by Anna’s shock and surprise of how out of the norm my train experience was… She has ridden the train many times and has never experienced or heard of such delays and lack of checking tickets that ultimately is probably why we had a thief that obviously jumped on.

The cherry on top of my train experience… With all the confusion of them not checking our tickets; train robber; and talk of going to check our tickets… I had misplaced my ticket that had my claim ticket for my bags… When I went to get my bags the young cutie was hesitant to release the bags to me but with a sheepish grin he hands over my bags and compliments my beautiful eyes and wishes me a good night.

Anna was surprised getting my bags was as easy as that and celebrated right along with me how good life is when you are flying on this vibe.

I arrived in the night, so you can only imagine how pleasantly pleased I was to see the town at first daylight… Folks, I am not kidding… I HAVE ARRIVED… this place is all the five star qualities from every beautiful home/neighborhood/harbor/vacation I have ever experienced all collaborated as one…. My manifested reality is such a familiarity… Now that is Magic

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