Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I have landed in Union Square, the heart of San Francisco California… It is a lot like Times Square the heart of Manhattan New York.

I have been here before years ago. A very cold summer in July for my brother in laws graduation from college.

Hustle and Bustle... Tis the season… I love the holiday vibe of the Christmas music playing everywhere and all the shopping that is going on.

I love to people watch and there are all flavors. My faves that stood out??? The older fit lady with the most beautiful natural looking lavender two tone hair that had the depth like a natural looking highlight in such a complimentary gray lavender shade. She had an average “normal” look/haircut/curl/bob. I not only crossed her path once but twice. Not a happy looking lady.

The other fave that stood out… the lady singing on the corner with her ukulele… is it rude to take photos??? Not if I tip I bet… That would have been good money spent… she had a look, she had a sound…

There are so many people… so many homeless… A flavor that I have gotten real comfortable with working at Lahaina Harbor. Fear is the unknown and Lahaina Harbor has educated me on the homeless… Homeless are people that I myself have been. People that have lived a life… Everyone has a story, it all makes sense when you hear it and know it. Young and old… Some are “Trust Fund babies” and some are stuck on a trip in another dimension… Some are able to build themselves back up feeling worthy/lovable regaining a sense of belonging here on this planet... and some just disappear for everyone to wonder “Hey, what ever happened to them”.

I have loved the unconditional love and understanding that the Lahaina Harbor peeps show for these homeless people that are becoming so thick amongst us it is starting to become an epidemic… everywhere.

As I roam around the city escorted by a personal “body guard” friend, I am attracting too much attention from those homeless flavors. I accept their sincere “sane” compliments and attempts of striking up nice conversation that I enjoy but recognize the linger of them not wanting to end the small talk and thank you Jamie for intervening and not allowing it to continue. But honestly, I enjoy and love all flavors of people like a casting of a great play.

But is what I found “crazy”… the only people that seemed to have smiles and give eye contact were the “crazy” and the homeless. Everyone else has a great invisible wall up.

Living on Maui I have been able to lower my invisible wall, heal old wounds and fill my cup. My heart is so filled with happiness I don’t see fear in allowing this happiness and love over flow to others that enter my space no matter the flavor.

I'm enjoying my walk about so far. Im living in the moment day by day and today was a great one.


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