Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoy Children Distracting You

We are all moved in!!! I cannot say enough how perfect life is for me right now. I thank the universe, angels, fairies and God for rewarding me so well for my hardships and challenging life I have traveled so far.

I still have hardships I deal with... without them life would be over, right... but being in this new home, I refer to as fairytopia, I am able to deal with the bull s--t and let my sanctuary fill me with the positive energy it flows with.

I have a lot to do, unpacking, painting, cleaning, etc... but I am able to let it sit and still be there for me later. Its summer and I live in a very fairlicious neighborhood. How can I resist walking to the neighborhood pool on such gorgeous days. I haven't walked in the neighborhood for travel to get somewhere since before I obtained a driver's license.

My daughter had a sleepover...

We have become very good friends with the Fords, they live in the same high exhausting energy our family lives in. Typically, people - whether they are family or friends - get very exhausted by our extremeness. It is refreshing to find a family that runs on the same voltage.

Anyway... the girls wanted to check out the neighborhood pool. Its a bit of a walk, but I had just finished my Wayne Dyer book about living the Tao and one of the ending statements is we need to walk more and use technology less. I took this opportunity to "live the Tao" and hey, I wanted to connect to this luscious area like a child does on a walk. Us adults miss so many roses to smell driving by in a car.

What a refreshing time I had! I was 10 again. We picked and ate fresh raspberries (accidently ate a bug), admired horses, chased peacocks, spied on snakes, chatted with neighbors, explored jungles waded through a creek and ran through sprinklers.

I still have unpacking, painting and cleaning waiting for me but how blessed am I that three little girls distracted me and invited me to join their world. I encourage all to do as the Tao suggests, live more simple and innocent like a child.