Friday, September 2, 2011

Riding the Currents

I love how the universe orchestrates this thing we call "Life".

It never ceases to amaze me how divine everything is; how perfectly placed people are presented in our space.

My son Dallen is back at his old school... I have to share the divine day we had. But let me first update you a little on my son's school situation.

Dallen had gone to Butler Jr. last year and had too good of a time for the Vice Principal, (Mr. Graham). Graham denied his return as a guest for another year, we are not in the boundary. Dallen was registered for the boundary school, Albion; went the first day, and hated it. He was once again, the new kid.

I had scheduled an appointment with our dear holistic angel doctor, Crystal, to have a "counseling" session with Dallen to help him shift energy to handle being the new kid at school. Dallen had been arguing all day that he did not want to go, insisting to see his dear ole Vice Principal, Mr. Graham; to convince Graham to allow him back to Butler.

I deny his request and tell him, "Mr. Graham had said he has had enough, that is not an option."

I continued on with my day, picking up my daughter from a friend's house.

Heading home to pick up Dallen for Mrs. Crystal, the belt in my 67 Mustang broke two minutes from my house, causing me to lose steering. I call a tow truck and inform Dallen, "You powerful man, I guess we will not be seeing Mrs. Crystal and we will plan on seeing Mr. Graham bright and early."... I have mastered going with the flow of the Universe and obviously that is the direction the current is taking us.

We wake up bright and early and head to Mr. Graham's office asking for a second chance. With much hesitation and Dallen's reassurance that he has learned his lesson, Graham approved.

The rest of the day fell perfectly in place. We go over to Albion to get checked out of their school and they say hang on, "Let us dig through the money box and find your check for registration and just return it to you." They open the cash box and my check is sitting on the very top of the stack.

We head over to Butler and the first person we see is Sione, a childhood friend of Dallens since they were four. Sione says, "Dallen, you Back?" and sticks out his hand for a shake.

Dallen knocks the hand away and they hug.

We sit in the counseling center filling out his class desires and another pal, Santiago, walks in, "Dallen, what you doing here?"

I offer, "He missed ya!"

We continue to meet with the counselor to get his schedule, she pulls his name up and he already has a schedule put together from last year paperwork. "That is bizarre" she comments.

We head to the Main Office to pay dues and lo and behold, there is Derek; one of Dallen's competitive Basketball league pals. We had heard Albion was trying to get him and had been wondering if Derek would be at Butler. I Joyfully show Derek my excitement to see him here, "We were wondering if you were here! Yay, you and Dallen will be able to play ball together!"

We pay the dues and Mr. Graham walks by, calls Dallen and says to him, "Dallen, come here, I am about to let you do something and it is the only time that you can do it and you will not get arrested."

"Sounds fun!" I exclaim as we follow Mr. Graham. I get excited, not thinking about the fire drill they had already scheduled to happen, just at this moment.

Graham walks Dallen over to the fire alarm and orders Dallen to pull.

Dallen hesitantly, with a smile on his face, sheepishly asks, "Really?"

It was like an announcement that Dallen Kale' Stone is back misbehaving and BEHAVING.

The alarm was so ear piercing, I could not hold still for the pic.

We head out the front doors and one of the first students to head out of the school behind us is his cousin, Saidee, questioning in her sing song voice, "Dali, are you back?"

I love the true balance of life. A thing to be mastered. When mastered, this thing called life gets easier and easier.

I love all the earth angels here to guide us and hold our hand while learning our lessons throughout our days. Thank you for holding Dallen's his first day back. How nice and "coincidental" it was to have a dear friend of his at every turn on top of everything running so smoothly. That is how you know you are making the right choices in life.

May we all glide smooth through the currents and learn our lessons quick.