Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've done it! I have dived in to ASTROLOGY! And do you know what my favorite part about it is? It doesn't give a rats ass who you were born to, or who the heck is your heritage anyways! LOL

Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for the half of my heritage I have and know. But I think I am finally done giving a rats ass who is not choosing to be a part of my heritage through loss of adoption! If I never meet or know my paternal grandmother or my paternal cousins, uncles or aunts... I can rest assured that I have researched pretty much every aspect of decoding this thing called my life and how everything works from an energetical, spiritual, physical, emotional, scientifical, historical... you name it... side of it.

I can honestly say: I know myself well enough from knowing half of my family, history and all; knowing how everything is energy and how we hold energy in our DNA that passes down our dysfunctional energy magically through the air until that energy of dysfunction is healed and not spinning any longer;

knowing how the emotional upsets manifest physically and healing emotional upset is how we live to obtain perfect health;

knowing how history repeats itself, even if you were not raised anywhere near your family, you are total clones of two... a combination of two people who are your parents, whether you have been adopted or not;

knowing how babies are born with 100% usage of their brain, all knowing straight from heaven... trapped in this little helpless body that has to trust in their mother to provide them with the best outcome for their mission in this life that they themselves have created to live to gain more hands on wisdom or shall I say, in these last of days especially, to bring awareness and healing... and depending on what they are exposed to is how they are going to take all the information from the 23 chromosomes from each parent and truly take 5 years to create/program what this vessel of a human body will utilize and develop strongly before the thickening of the veil as the shutting down of parts of this human brain happens as it occurs surely and slowly unless stimulated and is constantly judging creating aspects and perspectives... to go on in this vessel of a body, "a spiritual being having a human experience", continuing blindly equipped with the energy we were born with, genetically, as well as universally;

knowing how important DNA is to our soul group, to live and learn and conquer to full awareness and knowing that LOVE is the most powerful energy and is highly magical... this knowing obtained from living through the history clear from Adam and Eve all as a whole, learning as a whole, all one, learning certain themes as a soul group, living the down of it to KNOW the up of it, learning from the ancestors before us...

I have totally figured ME out and I am pretty damn amazing and as for anyone that doesn't think so, I really don't give a rats ass... It is very freeing to love and understand yourself to such a high level that I can seriously imagine and have figured out how my other half of my family is and how much they all look just like me and act just like me.

But back to astrology... I LOVE ASTROLOGY... It doesn't give a rats ass who you were born to, or who the heck is your heritage anyways! After decoding my husband, my children and me, it was so exciting to see how equipped and prepared we are, down to the time of our delivery to survive, live, learn and heal ourselves, our families and others by the experiences we have experienced. Because after all, we all are just "spiritual beings having a human experience", a human experience that has got itself in a world of ego and apathy, a world that needs masters to bring awareness and healing for humans on this beautiful Mother Earth.

And I can honestly say I have mastered some stuff!!!