Thursday, November 17, 2016


Ya know... Lucifer, Hitler & the likes whom are similar to this air... they mean well, they think they are doing the best for humanity... BUT... there is a subtle difference from... Jesus, the Pope & the likes whom are similar to this air.

Lets just give the parable about the story of the war in heaven... just to simplify and explain to get my message across... Mother Earth had two sons, one "GOOD" and one "EVIL"... They both wanted the best for humanity and wanted to serve... BUT... Lucifer wanted things to be done his way "and if they don't" he "will make sure they do or else"... Jesus said, "let them do things how they want, when they want, how to do, if they do, when they do and there will be exponential growth for the collective of consciousness of all to gain from "mistakes" finding new ways.

Lucifer wanted all the glory, being acknowledged as the "Savior" the one that saved... he wanted to be the one on top with the crown... in an egotistical way... Jesus wanted US all to have the glory, having the "Savior" the one that saves US is within US all... he wanted US all to be back together collectively as equals.

How ironic that the way of Jesus is so mirroring yet with an edge... subtle difference... yet he is one whom bore the crown, but of thorns, enduring the pain showing us humility. Being in such a state of allowance, allowing himself to be the example to all... an example of his endurance of all aches and pains without any blame or curse to others... enduring every step of the way, always with LOVE in his heart to give him the strength to carry on.

As burdens/aches/pains get loud... believe it or not but consciousness lives forever... we have choice how we handle... there is no right or wrong, take as long as you like... helping/waiting for others on the way... ITS ALL GOOD... but in my witness to life, things happen for a very divine good reason... to know up we need to know down... we tend to get comfortable in down if we have been there a while... Life will get louder until we can experience all roles... BUTCHER AND THE COW... when one goes down, one must acknowledge, accept and receive others help and service with humility... accepting the help anyway it comes.

One can be so resistant to having things be done a different way. It can and will be orchestrated that one will be the receiver without ability to be the giver... making one feel on the bottom... which is the beauty of the Jesus... we are all equals... ONE... expanding our knowledge without force.

Be in a state of allowance with humility in your heart. Be full of love, focused on happy... allowing happiness to be your guide... following your heart... no force... no thinking... JUST BE WITH HUMILITY.

Let the children lead us guiding us with their examples of innocence and pure love.