Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sweet Messengers in Maui

I haven’t written for a while. I have had the most amazing few days!

It started on Sunday, September 2nd… I work Sundays, they are better days for selling… plus, this Sunday in particular, I like the distraction from my personal life… I walk to the bus stop, and standing there waiting for the bus already was a woman with a bag of snorkel gear…  Always being on the lookout for someone I can turn on to the best time on Maui, (RAFTING with the DOLPHINS) I ask if she is visiting and start conversation with, Annette.

Annette is here from Germany vacationing solo. I admired how independent this 29 year old married woman was vacationing SOLO. Our conversation flowed so beautifully that by the time Annette was to get off at Ma’alea, she decided to continue with me to Lahaina where I sell raft rides.

Here’s the spiel: “We cruise the rugged coastline, stopping frequently at our favorite snorkel sights. Many dolphins live around Lanai, cruising the coastline. We are frequently surrounded by spinner dolphins riding our bow or just playing around our boat.” I continue to tell her that the dolphins are protected so we are not allowed to jump in the water when we see the dolphins, but if we are already in the water and the dolphins choose to swim with the humans than very nice bonus indeed… but the whole two months I have worked here it hasn’t happened… it happens, but it is not a common occurrence.  And with that said I suggest that she summon the dolphins telepathically when she is on her way to the harbor and create the experience she desires.

 I book Annette and looked forward to seeing her upon her return to hear of her experience.

Monday around noon they drift in and I ask, “How was the trip?”

The first guest off the boat says, “We swam with the dolphins!”

Wow! I could not wait to speak to Annette!

Annette makes her way off the raft and I exclaim, “You powerful woman you! You summoned the dolphins to come swim with the humans!”  We hug and she shares how amazing it was. We exchange info… gotta love facebook… we are going to be forever friends. Before we say our goodbyes she asks if there was any way I would be able to take tomorrow off…she lucked out with the rental car… she had reserved an economy car for $30 a day, they were out of the economy cars and the only car they had was this brand new white Camero that she is looking forward to driving somewhere to check out more of the island…  I sadly decline, because I have to be responsible with a job now. We hug goodbye and she sets off to get a hamburger before she rides the bus back to where she is staying.

Two hours later, work was incredibly slow so I decided to check out and head home. I’m standing in line for the bus and I hear a familiar sweet hello… It’s Annette; she just finished her hamburger and was heading back to the Hostel where she is staying. We agree to check out each other’s place and have her meet the fam.

I get home and sense my son’s need to speak with me about his day so I shortened the visit with Annette. After briefly meeting my son she gave me the most beautiful message… words that I needed to hear. Obviously she is a sensitive and in touch with her gift. What a blessing to run into her. Annette and I head over to her hostel… Hostels are great ways to travel, it’s homey and cheap. The rooms have bunk beds and basically you rent a bunk and there is a communal kitchen and living room… We take pictures with the beautiful white Camero and say our goodbyes.

I get home and hear my son’s upset about what that other son of mine’s opinion is about me, him, us, etc. I share with Dallen what that amazing new friend of mine shared with me. Hearing her message helped him as much as it had helped me.

Shortly thereafter, our buddy Jeff shows up to say hi and was thinking of hitching back home to Hana. I tell him about my new friend Annette and her new Camero wanting to drive somewhere. The boys got excited and after walking down to the Hostel to holler up to Annette suggesting the idea, she loved the idea of hanging with my boys while I was at work.

In the morning instead of taking the road to Hana, they decided to take the Camera up to the crater and long board down, … I loved it; my new friend from Germany was taking my boys on a fieldtrip and sharing a beautiful ride with them. Boys love nice cars, and that Camera was a pretty one.   

Well, needless to say, my boy went into a sped tuck going 20 miles per hour to take a hair pin… He survived, has received a lot of attention…and… it makes for a GREAT story.

I loved hearing the boys tell the story of their day with my new friend and her cute Germany accent… evidently, Annette dropped the camera and did not catch filming Dallen biting it. It is funny hearing them explain how she freaked out like all of us women tend to do upon seeing an accident about to happen.

Before flying out of Maui to head back to Germany, Annette stopped by to say one last goodbye. Before leaving she gave me once again a very powerful message that Dallen and I both needed to hear. It was spooky crazy how familiar I felt with someone I just met who has come from so far away. It was sad to see her go, and alarmingly so every time I think of her. Who knows what our connection is, in the whole picture of all knowing? Whatever it is, it had a strong pull.

Every day in Maui is an amazing one. I love all the people I meet. Whether they are visiting or residents to stay, everyone here in Maui takes such great care of me and my family.  Every day is magical having the universe, source, spirit, God, etc.  sending messengers at such divine moments.