Sunday, December 11, 2016


Floating like a butterfly… or jellyfish as I’ve been accused… is getting more and more magical.
I am about to leave Maui for a small walk about on the Mainland… believe me, I WILL BE RIGHT BACK.

I’m recognizing Mother Maui saying its time. .. How divine… My dear nephew Elden and his wife are expecting their first child and a coed (that’s how they do these days YAY!) shower is on the schedule before I am to go.

Folks it gets better…

My other nephew Jade, Elden’s brother arrives on island days prior last minute (SURPRISE)… with more familiar faces from the past (love those Boxer brothers).

Shoots… I’m so excited to see everyone, planning on carpooling with my sister Pati to Kula in my Maui $400 cruiser… Until…

It is raining it is pouring the old man is snoring!!!

I call Jade let him know I may not make it… car struggles in good weather and I have already killed my Jeep on that hill. Jade being such the master of problem solving and bringing people together, informs me that this is a coed shower and my dear Jr. (bonus nephew part of the pact) is planning on attending.

Jr meets me in Maalaea coming from Kihei and delivers Kirah (my daughter) and me to the shower.

Seriously as soon as he pulls in the driveway his girlfriend calls and needs him. He unexpectedly needed to go pick her up and was planning on getting her and coming right back. … I Recognize the magic of the orchestration of a personal escort from that bonus “nephew” of mine that tends to show up exactly when I need a “son's” help. Filled with gratitude for the quality time we had on the way, I shower him with hugs and kisses goodbye in case he doesn’t make it back… (which he didn’t, which makes it that more magical that he showed up just to make sure this matriarch of this family made it to the party.)

Had a lovely time representing for my sister Toni, Eldens mother. She has represented for me so many times with my kids. No introduction needed… we could be twins. It was so lovely to be received with such love from the new and outstanding receiving love from the old!!! Not only were the boys there but my other sister Kdawn showed up with her fam! Love this androgynous coed times we live in… no exclusions, all welcome!

Well, before I even realized that Jr was not making it back, my dear Becca rolls in to join the party… Of course she would… If y’all haven’t read book 4 let me fill you in… she is one of my four June 26 birthday soul mates… The others being my sisters Pati, Toni, and Elden’s brother Chance… of course she would make a showing making this energetic circuit complete. And even more divine she give me a ride back to my car in Maalaea.

DUDES… WHERE ARE MY CAR KEYS???... Yeah, y’all read right… I got a little distracted by the assorted blue candy buffet upon leaving (they’re having a boy)… God bless Becca and Kevin for their peace love and UNDERSTANDING … I hate it when I get distracted and do something as stupid as leaving my only set of keys in Kula… With Kirah’s patience and my acknowledgement that yes I know … Becca and Kevin had no problem chilling until we figured it out and totally helped me stay calm… I get ahold of my boys and within minutes keys are found, and my dear Robert gets to bring them to me on his way home later. Kevin, Becca, Kirah and I continue on to Lahaina enjoying the quality time once again.

Robert arrived a few hours later with my keys and I was able to once again congratulate him on his new little growing family, acknowledging my gratitude for the orchestration having such quality time with each and every one of them all in the name of losing my keys; Universe making sure this matriarch got to this event and back.

Folks… best part of the story yet… for you see, I still have to get my car that is parked in Maalaea…
Upon waking… my dear friend whom has obviously been assigned/contracted to make sure this chickadee is happy and safe is letting me know he might as well get on it and ride the bus and get my car but saying it with too much of an edge for the morning… so I tell him to don’t worry about it Universe takes care of me and he can just forget about it, I got this...

Seriously, as soon as those words rolled off my lips … (after our kind of heated discussion of my way of following your heart and it all works out over his way of use your brain and make it happen)… my landlord’s lady comes downstairs because her phone is acting up and she needs to use my phone, she needs to be in Kihei asap… (which takes her right past my car in Maalaea).

You don’t say… I need a ride”…  And as soon as it was agreed that she could give me a lift, her phone magically was fixed, (well, with a little help from a young’un that rolled up right at that time).

Folks, I have loved the orchestration of going with the flow following my heart, staying happy and then as a loud I TOLD YOU SO on HOW TO ROLL… the timing at the end of this distraction of losing my keys has been the best part of the Baby Shower Event in Kula 

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