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TODAY 8-14-14

What a great day! As I listen to Smashing Pumpkins emphasizing randomly on my Pandora shuffle “Today” (is the greatest day I've ever known).... ya buddy, had to write ... My day started with a zodiac ride to Kaanapali Beach. I love working the beach! We get to Baywatch it: hitting the gas beaching the zodiac on the sand to unload and set up base camp... “The three yellow umbrellas in front of Kaanapali Beach Hotel” ; )
I seriously feel like a Princess of the Sea being escorted by 2-3 strapping fine gentlemen... Aaaah... they are so good to me.
After they get the umbrellas totally secured; able to withstand huge gusts of wind that come ripping down the beach every once in a while... these dust devils are a sight... I set up my office which consists of two coolers as my “desk” that contains “office equipment” such as staples, clipboards, paperwork, HIGHLIGHTERS, etc... with one of the coolers holding the laptop down with its handle seat belting it propped open.
Our day was crazy busy but I Iove chaos... good chaos... Parasail trips every half hour running two boats seating up to 12 flyers a trip... Folks that’s lots of people I get to talk to from 8-5...
For the most part, everyone is awesome amazing!!! But... there are those people that you come across that are ones you could have done without. But, thank you for the lesson it does make for a great story! Lol... So lets talk story...
We had some parents who signed their 9 yr old and 12 yr old up to fly 1200 ft tandem on the water for one hour, in flight for 8-10 minutes ... they signed the waivers and even added their names all over the place as if they were going also... After a little confusion because of too many heads for my numbers... after going thru the paperwork again to figure it out... The Wowwowwowski's, total haole Americans with the craziest last name, thought that because they signed their kids up they get a free pass on the ride...
No, I'm sorry, we have no room for observers and you did not sign up for any observers. So if you want to come back in an hour, I can reschedule you and you can pay $35 each which is an amazing boat ride for a great price, especially for here on Maui.”
They immediately started complaining about this and that because blah blah blah, like its “West Maui Parasail's” responsibility to inform every parent signing their kids up, that they need to buy an observer pass to be on the boat also...
After much unpleasant interaction with this actually, fair fighting debating skilled guy, which I must admit, I enjoyed the challenge and dance with this stranger if you will... I ended the convo with, “Look, you don't buy your kids concert tickets with the idea that you are getting into the concert for free just because you are the parent.” CHECKMATE it was great!
I phoned Jen, Best reservationalist ever!!! AND she is tall blonde and beautiful to BOOT!!!
Anyhow, I had to get back to her to tell her how that all went... I didn’t realize that the dad, who chose to stay behind while wife observed with the children at the later time, was in ears reach somewhere... Which, you know what? I’m da kine that will say to your face what I say behind your back... So freakin happy for that! Haha...
So after I get off the phone with Jen, Mr Wowski steps forward and says, “I don’t appreciate you calling your girlfriends and” ... blah blah blah (telling them all about it)...
OH FUCK... so glad I told Jen exactly how it went down with a bit of girlfriend pizazz, high flying the support of good cop/bad cop when they insisted on canceling if they didn’t get to go for free.
Jen, the amazing gorgeous bad ass she is, had suggested we refund half just to come half way. Well, they had rescheduled for the next trip and bought one observer seat, (that his wife and children were currently on)...
“Well, if you must know, that was the boss lady that wanted to hear how it went”
He continued to debate on this and that ending with 'No he doesn't need to call the office and complain' because I'm sick of listening... He just needed to  have the interaction and discussion with me on a personal level” ...
With that said, I retorted, “Well, I’m done having any further interaction and discussion on a personal level with you, so if you don’t mind...” CHECKMATE

Well holy hell, high fives and support from the guys who witnessed EVERYTHING, lol.

NEXT... Giant beach crab holding up traffic...
Out of nowhere comes this guy....  
He created quite a crowd, entering on the scene scrambling like Sebastian in da kitchen but instead of a chef with a butcher knife, it was a family of 6 with a snorkel dude that was showing all of them how to grab and hold the crab... pour crab, scrabbling until I got eye to eye with him to say, “Poor crab look at his eye”... His eye had tweaked and looked broke... eww... poor guy.
We flew til after 5; ending with a Great Gentle Gnarly Giant that leaped on in a run from the beach hopping on the zodiac like a young boy running and leaping on his bed at the end of the greatest day ever, who happened to ROCK the last name KING!!!
Lucky fella, he got a private charter because the other party was driving from Kihei and was running 20 minutes late & were great about notifying us politely, graciously asking to honor this flight they are running 20 minutes late for... Great to know! “Mr King, jump on” and he did just that!
You could hear him hollering with excitement, laughter and joy when the Parasail Capt. & Crew dipped this joyful 6'7” perfect set man sporting a mohawk, pierced lip, gauged ears, tats all over, well dressed Punk Rocker with an awesome 4” goatee!!! LOVED IT!!!
Family that showed up from Kihei was a gorgeous couple; a beautiful blonde and a fine handsome black man with their daughters, one that looked just like her and one that looked like him. They had a great accent all British, New Zealand like, who knows... but it sure made them look even more darling. Especially with all their niceness and realness. Loved them.
My amazing day ended with flying fish on the roller coaster ride home with Capt Sean, taking those waves on the sea like the champ he is; motoring to the boat ramp coming up to multiple Eagle Rays mating! I guess tis the season... Wow, if this hasn't been the craziest day ever with all kinds of sightings... down to the low flying cargo plane...  

What does all this mean?” I ask out loud to Capt Sean.
He looks at me and says, “It means it is mating season
Well, I have homework to do, I'm going to look it up, meditate on all these events and hear the message from the Universe.
CRAB – shows how to keep protected on all levels; mental, spiritual, physical. Helping you choose the action best for the moment. Sometimes lateral movement is better than no movement, trust her direction. Crab can teach to keep your emotions guarded as well as keeping your solar plexus energy center protected. Sensing the vibrations around you will aid in communication. Feel the rhythm of life for when true comfort sets in creative potentialities will be born. Crab medicine (energy) will help growth even if it means to leave the old behind. If crab is in fresh water realize the freshness of your world. If Crab is in salt water, it is time to add flavor to your life. Crab will teach much on guarding yourself but also the balance and movement you need to progress into the next phase.
OKAY!!! WOW!!! I have just had a bunch of confirmation to have patience, because I was just starting to bitch in my mind that I don't feel like I am getting to the station fast enough... After all, I am sharing a room with my 15 year old daughter while my 17 year old son is rooming with his cousin Jade, his 21 year old “guardian”... its all legit, I don't understand why I had to appoint my 17 year old to someone to be his guardian so he could live on his “own”, but whatever, thank you Jade for being Dallen's guardian/roommate working side by side supporting yourselves with your mother's help, thank you Danna.
And how cool to send Sebastian... I'm seriously feeling like Ariel with my father's blessing from the sea... King Triton washing up that engagement ring up on the shore, then today Sebastian in seriously the same spot... its like some magical portal that I am dancing in ... loving connecting on such a level... The extreme characters that showed up today on the play list... DUG IT!!! Down to the annoying negative debater, thank you for the practice.
FLYING FISH – transformation of the spirit, the type of fish reveals certain strengths & traits (these fish were FLYING) Fish in general show how to swim the currents of life, use of intuition to navigate effectively, aids in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other worlds, heightened senses including visions dreams and related psychic abilities. Do you currently feel stuck? The river says it is time to flow. Fish can show how to ride the tide to new adventures.
EAGLE RAY – Well, it didn't have eagle ray but it did have manta ray and sting ray... I think an eagle ray is more similar to a manta ray over a sting ray but here are the two... Manta Ray signifies emotional freedom. You are navigating through your emotions with ease and have released old emotional baggage... Stingray symbolizes old emotional baggage coming to the surface in your waking life. You are responding to a situation from an old emotional pain rather than the present.
Well, so there you have it folks, with the low flying cargo plane along with everything else... I am excited and can be patient for a little longer, doing this lovely lateral dance, working this amazing job of mine... that gets me in the ocean to “soften my edges” as my nephew Elden said to me. I am ready to receive my abundance that is arriving so soon and is so near, like the cargo plane... and soon after, or hell, simultaneously, King Triton will deliver my man of the sea, that is perfect for me... EAGLE RAYS
Thank you Scott for the great job you provide to many. It definitely is a family/tribe/village I love being a part of...
Love you all West Maui Parasail: JD, Jen, Jo, Joel, Joely, Johnathon, Diane, Dean, Dragon, Dustin, Darren, Marz, Mikey, Scotty, Sue, Sean, Steve, Frank, Riley, Gabe, Heather, Oshey, Worm, Cat & Celia.

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